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Generic Truvada PrEP Treatment

Generic Truvada PrEP Treatment

Generic Truvada is an antiretroviral medication. It is an effective pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication to prevent HIV infection, and is recommended for use by people as a preventative strategy who are HIV-negative who may be at high risk of contracting HIV.

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What is PrEP?

Pre-exposure prophylaxis is a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention strategy. It involves HIV-negative people taking specific anti-HIV medications to lessen their chance of becoming infected if they are exposed to the virus. The medication that is used to help prevent HIV is Truvada and it is used in combination with safer sex practices to reduce the risk of HIV infection. It contains emtricitabine and tenofovir and is taken before coming into contact with HIV. This medication prevents HIV from establishing an infection inside the body.

Using Truvada PrEP has been shown to decrease the risk of contracting the HIV infection for people who have a sexual partner who is known to be HIV-positive and people who participate in high-risk sexual activity. Having this medication in the bloodstream before an HIV-negative individual is exposed to HIV helps reduce the risk of contracting the virus. It is not a cure for HIV and it does not protect against other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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How does PrEP Work?

When a cell gets infected by HIV, the virus takes control of that cell. It then forces the cell to make multiple copies of the virus. Truvada works by reducing the activity of an enzyme called HIV reverse transcriptase. By inhibiting this enzyme, it prevents HIV from making more copies of itself in the body. Treatment also increases the number of healthy cells in the body.

Effective HIV Treatment

If HIV is allowed to multiply in the body, it will cause damage to the immune system. Eventually the immune system gets so weak that the body becomes defenceless to other diseases. At this point, an HIV-positive person is usually diagnosed with AIDS and other illnesses they get can eventually result in death. However, this does not include HIV-positive people who take medications to counteract HIV. Clinical studies have continuously shown that HIV medications can keep HIV-positive people healthy. These people in the vast majority of cases can then expect to have a normal life expectancy.

HIV treatment is not the same as other long-term health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. For these conditions, medications remain effective even after a patient has stopped taking their medicine for a relatively long period of time. This is not the same for HIV. If you forget or choose not to take your HIV medication, it may lead to the development of resistance to the medication which is a major cause of treatment failure.

People who are HIV positive can benefit significantly from the use of Truvada in combination with other antiretroviral medications to treat the HIV infection. In the early 1980’s, people diagnosed with HIV were fortunate if they survived for 8 years. As a result of years of committed research, effective HIV AIDS treatments are now available. If this medication is taken as recommended, people with HIV are likely to live as long as HIV-negative people and are more likely to die of other causes.

Many people living with HIV are taking effective medicine and staying healthy as a result. You can continue to plan your future as you would have done before you were diagnosed with HIV. This medication may not be a cure for HIV but it can keep it under control highly effectively and allow your immune system to recover and stay strong. Keeping the level of HIV in your body low also helps prevent HIV being passed on to someone else.

It is now recommended that people who are infected start HIV treatment straightaway. Effective treatment can also cause some people living with HIV to achieve a level of HIV in the body that is undetectable. This means that the virus exists in such tiny amounts in the blood that it has no effect on the person’s health.

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